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Ultra, Dragonoid, 3-Inch Collectible Transforming Action Figure

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Master The Transformations: Each Bakugan Ball’s Battle Evolution Into A Fierce Creature Is Unique & Requires A Specific Sequence To Close. With A Little Practice, Each Sequence Can Be Mastered.

Roll Into Action: Roll Your Bakugan Collectible Figure & Watch It Pop Open! Roll A Bakugan Ultra Figure & They’ll Leap Open, Picking Up Their Bakucore & Revealing Its Power. How Will You Roll?

Collect, Trade & Battle: Build Your Bakugan Collection With Transforming Bakugan Figures, Bakucores, Character Cards & Ability Cards. Then Trade With Friends Or Face Off In The World Of Battle Planet.

Collect Them All: Bakugan: Battle Planet Is An Action Game Line Featuring Collectible Toy Balls That Burst Into Powerful Monsters. These Boys Toys Are All About Transforming, Battling & Collecting!

Bakugan Ultra Figure: Roll This 3-inch Tall Bakugan Ultra Across The 2 Included Bakucores & It Will Transform With Leap Open Baku-action, Picking Up & Revealing The Hidden Power! For Ages 6 & Up.