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Toys Creature Power Disc Holder Set With 20 Discs – Chris Kratt

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A Great Toy For Any Wild Kratts Fan Ages 3+. Perfect For Pretend And Role Play Activities!

20 Disc Toy Set Includes: Hamster, Blowfish, Pony, Turkey, Wolf, Hippo, Grasshopper, Lobster, Otter, Moose, Narwahl, Tarsier, Koala, Walrus, Skunk, Basilisk Lizard, Spectacled Cobra, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Falcon And Bullfrog.

Designed To Correspond To Brother Chris Kratt And His Creature Pals.

Activate Creature Power And Act Out Your Favorite Chris Kratt Adventures By Collecting This Awesome Wild Kratts Creature Power Disc Set With Holder. Discs Work With Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits.

Set Includes 20 Collectable 1 1/2″ Creature Power Discs With Plastic Disc Storage Holder That Holds Up To 9 Discs At A Time.