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Red Flags : Card Game Of Terrible Dates | Fun Party Tabletop Game, 3-10 Players, Ages 17+

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Great For Parties And Adult Games Night. Maybe You’ll Consider Staying Single After A Few Rounds, But You’ll Definitely Get To Know Your Friends More! The Game Can Be As Raunchy Or Tame As Imaginations Allow. This Easy To Learn Tabletop Game Is Awesome To Play With Friends During: Adult Games Night, Office Party, Sleepovers, Birthdays, Drinking Games, Dinner Parties, Stag Nights And Bachelorette Parties.

Watch Out For Those Red Flags! This Is Where The Plot Thickens. After All Perks Are Read, Beginning The Player To The Single’s Left, Each Player Plays A Red Flag Onto The Player To Their Left, For Some Pretty Interesting Developments In Their Characters And Backstories. By Interesting, We Mean Terrible. End Up With Characters Like: A Famous Musician That Owns Your Favorite Sports Team, But Wears A Diaper Because It’s “more Convenient”. Players Can Then Argue Why The Single Should Pick Their Char

Setting Up Your Single Friend. Each Round Gets One ‘single’ Player, Who Will Act As Judge For The Round. Everyone Else Draws Four Perks And Three Red Flags Each. Using What They Know About The Single, These Matchmakers Will Pick Two Perks To Create The Best Date Possible For The Single, Then Take Turns Reading The Cards Out Loud To The Table.

What’s Inside The Core Set. The Main Deck Consists Of 400 Cards, Split Between 175 Perks (like “OLYMPIC Gymnast, Loves To Cuddle, And Lives In A Castle”) And 225 Red Flags (like “PUNCHES Every Barista They See, Brings Mom To First Date, And Is A Serial Killer”).

The Game Of Terrible Dates. Red Flags Is An Adult Party Game About Convincing Your Friends To Go On Terrible Dates. Your Goal Is To Use Perks To Create The Ultimate Date For The Single. It’s The Perfect Matchmaking Set Up Until The Other Players Introduce Red Flags To Try And Sabotage Another Player’s Hot Date.