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Pistol Grip Gourmet Meat Injector Metal Handle 50cc Pistol Grip Syringe With 2 Different Needles For Different Meats

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How To Use – Place On The Suitable Needles Required. Place The Open End Of The Needle In The Injection Solution And Gradually Pull Back On The Knob On The Back Side Of The Device. Place The Needle In The Core Of The Meat. Squeeze The Handle Slowly Pull The Needle Out Of The Injection Covers Different Layers In The Meat. Repeat The Steps To Get Even More Tremendous Concentration Of Injection In The Meat

Reduce Cooking Time – It Reduces The Marinating Time. Flavor Goes Within The Meat And Get Blend Appropriately And Develop The Flavor And Moisture To The Meat

Cleaning Instruction- Do Not Disassemble The Handle. Place A Few Drop Of Vegetable Oil On The Rubber Gasket After Cleaning To Prevent Cracking And Drying

Accessories- Metal Handle 50cc Pistol Grip Injector, A Cleaning Brush, 2 Different Needles For Different Meats And A Spare Gasket

Easy To Clean – Use Warm Soapy Water To Wash The Needles Inside Outside. Use Clean Water When Done. For Storage Cleaning Take Away The Needles, Unscrew The Chamber With Dosage Markings. Hands Wash It And Use Wet Cloth To Clean The Handle Off