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Dungeons And Dragons Essentials Kit 5th Edition With Complete Starter Pack – 6 D&d Dice Sets In Black Bags And Dnd Beginner Printable Materials

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42 Dice: D&d Rolling Board Game Comes With Complete Set Of 42 Dice Total. 6 Sets Of Dice, 7 Pieces Per Set. 6 Different Colors. Each Set Contains:one D20, One D12, Two D10 (00-90 And 0-9), One D8, One D6, And One D4.

You Can Be Sure You Will Get A Board Game Kit With No Risk! We Will Do Everything Possible To Make You Happy With This Gift Pack!

Get And Print Bonus Pack Yourself: We Will Additionally Send You A Set Of Printable Materials By Email. Please, Print Them Yourself.

Bags: Each Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition Dice Set Comes With A Flannel Drawstring Pouch To Store Your Dice And You Can Distinguish The Dice By Bright Colors.

Dnd Essentials Kit: A Perfect Gift For Beginners. The Material Is Easy To Follow And Understand. This Is A Quality Dnd Essentials Kit That You Can Mine For A Lot Of Great Materials.