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Compatible With Irobot Roomba 600/700/800/900/e/i/s Series Robots,dual Mode Virtual Barrier Wall,dowager Authentic Parts Dual Mode Vacuum Virtual Barrier Wall Compact

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Vacuum Cleaners Virtual Barrier Wall Mode Keeps Your Robot In The Rooms Your Want Cleaned And Out Of The Ones You Don’t. Virtual Barrier Mode Has Extended Range To Block Openings Of Up To 2 M, Creates A 1 M Diameter Keep Out Zone.

Shipping With High Strength Safeguard Protected Box, Prevent Bending And Compressing.uses Infrared Beam To Block From Doorways And Other Off-limit Areas. Keep Your Robot Away From Items On The Floor That You Want To Protect.

Quick And Easy Set-up. Halo Mode Keeps Your Robot Away From Items You Want To Protect, Like Your Pet’s Food And Water Bowls.keep Upright, Turn On And Keep The Direction Of The Arrow Points To The Room That Not Need To Be Cleaned.

Compatible With Irobot All Models Cleaner.