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Clutch And Clean Wipes Carrying Case Eco-friendly Wet Wipes Bag Clamshell Cosmetic Pouch Easy-carry Snap-strap Wipes Container

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It Fits Most Types Of Wipe. There Is A Ziplock Closure At The Top And The Plastic Lip To Pull Your Wipes From. It Is So Easy To Refill With New Wipes Later.

Easy-carry Snap-strap Lets You Attach To Shopping Carts, Car Handles Or Purses.

The Slim Style Doesn’t Take Up Much Space In The Diaper Bag, But It Also Holds Enough Wipes For A Few Days. I Have Never Had An Issue With Wipes Getting Dry.

Colors And Styles Vary, Different Designs Will Be Updated Every Month.

It Is Plastic, Which Means It Is Easy To Clean After A Trip.