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95 Foot Zip Line Kit For Kids And Adult With Brake And Seat, Zip Lines For Backyard Entertainment Equipment, With Butterfly Shaped Black Trolley, A Surprise Gift For Children

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Install It Within Minutes: If You’re Not The “I’ll Assembly It In 2 Minutes” Person And You’re Worried About The Installation Process, Then This Zip Slide Is Exactly What You Need! First Of All, The Trolley Included In The Pack Is Already Fully Assembled, While The Instructions You’ll Find Inside Will Describe The Whole Process Step-by-step! Be Sure That You’ll Make It In The End- Save Time And Effort Now!

Turn Your Backyard Into A Playground: If You Are Looking For A Way To Re-decorate And Reconstruct Your Backyard So As To Spend Entertaining And Intimate Moments With Your Little Ones, Then This Zip Line Is Exactly What You Need In Order To Make Your Garden Seem Like A Playground. Surprise Your Child By Offering Him/her An Incredible Play Set (s)he Will Remember For A Lifetime!

Ultimate Convenience For Your Child: No, You Are Not Dreaming! Our Zip Slide Is Specially Designed For Children- Therefore, Sooner Or Later You’ll Be Surprised By The Non-slippery Rubber Grips Our Butterfly-shaped Trolley Features. What Is More, The Swing Seat Included In The Pack Adjusts Perfectly To Your Kid’s Needs- In Order To Offer The Best Riding Experience Based On Your Little Angel’s Needs!