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2 Premium – 2-Blade Red Inflatable Light Saber Swords, Lightsaber, Party, Gift, Action Play, Darth Maul

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New Design: Longer, Stronger, And Better Fight Action! Great For High-energy Low-impact Battle.

Customize Stiffness And Impact Level By Adjusting Air Pressure. These Sabers Can Be Inflated Extra-firm To Ridged With An Air Pump, Or Compressor. They Will Swell In Diameter With Over Inflation, So Try To Keep The Air Pressure At A Minimum To Achieve The Desired Firmness, But Maintain The Original Shape.

Easy Inflation: One-way Check Valve Incorporated In Inlet To Help Prevent Air From Escaping While Inflating. For Best Results: Press Back Of Inlet To Help Establish The Seal Prior To Initial Inflation. Inflate, And Hold Finger Over Inlet For A Few Seconds. This Gives The Check Valve Time To Rest And Seal, And Helps Maintain Air Between Breaths. Close Valve, Wait A Minute Or So For The Plastic To Relax, And Inflate Further To Desired Firmness.

To Deflate: Pinch Base Of Valve. This Opens Valve And Allows Air To Escape.

Pack Of 2 Premium Inflatable Swords. Darth Maul Red 2-blade Design.