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2 Pack Yumi Unicorn And Luna Laguna Dolls With Squeezer Belly & Diy Slime Activity

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Our Simple Joy Toys Bundle Includes: Goo Goo Galaxy 1-Luna Laguna, 1- Yumi Unicorn, 2- Cute Plush (Styles May Vary), 1- Simple Joy 3D Unicorn Stickers, 1- Simple Joy Drawstring Toy Bag

Discover And Take Home All 4 Goo Drops! Goo Pod Inventory Includes: 1 X Goo Drop Doll, 1 X Goo-to-go Cup, 1 X Goo-to-go Straw, 4 X Ingredients (for Goo-to-go), 1 X Dangler String, 1 X Passport

Pull The Emergency Hatch In The Goo Pod To Find Your Goo Drops ‘inter-goo-lactic Passport’.

Make Your Very Own, Out Of This World ‘goo-to-go’! The Goo Drops Have Brought A Surprise Intergalactic Slime Activity With Them From Outer Space – All You Need To Do Is Mix, Make And Display!

Enjoy An Out-of-this World Unboxing Experience! Open The Space Pod And Discover What Yumi Unicorn And Luna Laguna Has Crash Landed With!