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10-Piece Chalk Blast Play Set With Washable Chalk Pods & Spray Art

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Destination Discovery: Take Reality To Another Level With Our Fun & Educational Toys! You Can Explore The Universe & Fly Through Space, Roam The Desert With Animals, Run From Dinosaurs & Much More!

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Play & Learn: At The Intersection Of Inspiration, Curiosity, & Stem-based Edutainment, Our Toys Help Spark Your Child’s Imagination & Creativity While Promoting The Development Of Essential Skills.

Create Your Masterpiece: Transform Outdoor Surfaces Into Your Own Custom Canvas & Create Dazzling Masterpieces On Walls, Sidewalks, Patios & Driveways! Set Includes 4 Chalk Sprayers & 6 Chalk Pods.

Chalk Art Set: This Chalk Art Set Comes With Everything You Need To Paint With Chalk Like Never Before. Throw Chalk Pods On The Sidewalk For Fun Chalk Powder Explosions Or Spray It From Squirt Bottles!