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10″ Oval Banneton Proofing Basket Bread Proofing Basket With Linen Liner Eco-friendly Natural Rattan For Professional & Home Bakers

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Package Including:1x Proofing Basket + 1x Linen Liner Cloth + 1x Dough Lame

A Must Have For Bread Baking Lover: Works For Proofing, Banneton, Or Brotform Baking Techniques. Just Dust The Round Basket With Flour, Put Your Kneaded Dough In, And Watch It Rise.

100% Handmade: Our Proofing Basket Is 100% Handmade, Featuring Smooth Surface And Light Weight. Confortable And Convenient To Use.

Natural Rattan: Made From 100% Natural From Dye And Chemicals.comply With Eu Food Standard.