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10 Inch Proofing Basket Oval Banneton Bread Basket – Bread Making Tools – Proofing Baskets For Sourdough Bread | Bread Scraper Dough | Bread Lame | Cloth Liner – Bread Baking Set

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Make Beautiful Artisan Bread: Our Sourdough Proofing Basket Will Impress Your Friends And Family! With Its 10 Inch (diameter) X 3.5 Inch (height) Size, Our Brotform Bread Bowl Will Work Well With Any Recipe! It Will Also Give Your Bread Spiral Ring Patterns That Will Make Your Masterpiece Extra Special.

Best Value For Money: This Banneton Proofing Wicker Basket Set Comes With Everything You Need To Make Healthy And Delicious Sourdough Bread. Each Set Comes With A Bread Proofer Wooden Basket, A Linen Cloth Liner, A Plastic Dough Scraper / Food Scraper / Bench Scraper / Bowl Scraper Spatula, A Bread Lame Marking Knife / Bread Scoring Tool Knife, And A Sourdough Starter Ebook.

Easy To Clean: Simply Shake The Excess Flour Out After Each Use. If Dough Has Stuck To It, Wait Until It Dries, Then Use A Stiff Brush To Remove It. Perfect For Professional And Home Bakers.

Crafted To Perfection: Our Banneton Proofing Basket Dough Bowl Is Made From 100% Natural Rattan Cane. It Is Splinter-free, Smooth, And Non-stick. It Is Also Free Of Chemical Odor. With Sufficient Dusting Of Bread Flour, Dough Will Easily Slip Out After Proofing.