About Us​

A short history of the creation of our small but very cozy online store.

We love children very much, because we have five of them, and as caring and loving parents, we delight our children with beautiful and high-quality toys. But we are very often faced with the fact that the toys are defective or dangerous to the health of our children. But this is not written on the toys themselves. And we only face a problem when they come.

For example, small toys are undesirable for children because they put them in their mouths. But besides this, these are chemicals, many toys cannot be put in the mouth because they are poisonous. It is a fact. But children as well as parents do not know this, because this is not written.

That is why we came up with a wonderful idea to create an online store with high-quality and proven products, and most importantly, safe products for our little children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect our and your children from low-quality products, provide them with a happy and safe childhood with wonderful toys from our Ventalio store.

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